Dec 12, 2009

My Kimono Coordination (Nov,Dec/2009).

Hi all!...I feel I haven't written blog for a long time...
Sorry about my comment and reply are too late...(>_<;

Now, I'm listening Michael Jackson's songs.
So, I have a question to ask native speakers.

Could you follow what he sing?
Could you catch his words from his pronunciation?

I sometimes cannot catch it enough even if I hear it again and again.
For example, I heard "Smooth Criminal" with reading lyrics, but I heard a little different sound from "Annie, are you OK?".
But I also cannot catch lyrics of some Japanese songs with a quick tempo like rap or punk rock.
Yes, words or pronunciation in songs and everyday life are often different.
And I cannot find answer.

Is why I cannot catch his lyrics which of his pronunciation or my ears?
When you hear his song without lyrics, can you catch words completely?

From next post, I'll talk about my close city Kobe and kimono shops in there.
Do you know Kobe? And what Japanese city do you know?
I guess only Tokyo is famous, maybe Osaka and Kyoto are too.

Though I like Holland, the names of cities in Holland that I can say with confident is only Amsterdam.
I think usually 1-3 cities are well-known in far countries.

So, probably you didn't know or interest in Kobe.
Or, maybe you know this city with calamity of an earthquake.
Anyway, I'll write about it because I want to do it, haha.

And, my outfits are following.


"Kikkou-Kamon" komon kimono + red tsuke-obi.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is dark pink.
Pale green Haori with gold & silver embroidery.
All of kimono & obi & haori used to be my grandmother's.
And this komon kimono used to be Furisode.
Furisode - Cutting sleeves - Houmongi - Redying - Komon.


Purple omeshi kimono with flowers + Various color "Tachiwaki" obi.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is subdued pink.
I love combination of these obi + obi-age + obi-jime.
It's very good to wearing casual kimono a little neatly.


Komon + Gold obi + Black Haori.
Obi-age is pale green, I think it's matched up with green of this obi.
Obi-jime is subdued pink. This color is friendly with many kind of colors.

Black haori that is plain and have some family crests or have design in one spot is thought as very formal.
This kimono is casual, but this black Haori is making it a little formal.
I think I can visit a casual tea party with this combination.

The pattern of this komon is very strange.
Basically, kimono's patterns are plane figure.
But this pattern is drawn in rules of perspective.
I have never seen kimono's patterns like this!

My mother's friend in Kyoto found this kimono in a Kura (private warehouse, treasure house).
(Some good old families in old cities have Kura to keep their stuff. It's a symbol of riches.)
And she said me "I found very strange kimono, do you want to have it?".
I of course said YES!

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  1. A lot of American pop songs are so fast and have so much background instrumental music that it's difficult to understand the lyrics.

    This is not just a problem with Michael Jackson songs, but with MANY American pop songs.

    Many times, I listen to the radio and try to find out what the singer is singing, but I can't understand it. (u_u);

  2. SnowFoxCreations, Thank you, I'm relieved to know my ears are not so bad! :)
    I often cannot understand that lyrics of fast or noisy songs in Japanese.
    I guess a lot of language are having same trouble. (^-^;

    I'm not big fan of Michael Jackson.
    I'm almost same age of "Thriller", and I was too young when he was tremendously popular in Japan.
    But now, at hearing his song, I think he is a great entertainer and performer. He is a rare artist for me. :)

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