Dec 24, 2009

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 01 (Sannomiya Center-gai 1).

► Sannomiya Center-gai (JP)

A : 2F no Kimono-ya
Main : Used kimono.
Rich selection of items. Various footwears. Staffs are very friendly for foreign customers! A young female staff is trying to communicate in English. :)
► 2F no Kimono-ya (JP)

Main : Used kimono & Japanese style miscellaneous goods.
A lot of "Taisho Roman" kimono and modern accessories are waiting for you. All of staffs wear very cute kimono! XD

C : Tansuya (Yuzawaya Kobe ten)
Main : Used kimono.
A tenant of big handicraft shop building. There is on 3rd floor. This building is a good place of shopping for handicraft.
► Tansuya (JP)

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 01 (Sannomiya Center-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 02 (Sannomiya Center-gai 2).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 03 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 04 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 2).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 05 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 3).


  1. Thanks for this blog post! I live in Kobe now and have seen a few of these shops, but I am always very shy to go inside.

    I am America, but soon, I will leave Kobe and move to Australia to live with my boyfriend. Since we met in Kobe, I want to wear a Kimono when we get married so I am shopping for one before I leave Japan.

    Thank you so much for your helpful information!! =D

  2. Christina, thank you for your comment!

    I wrote "Who read this post and visit there, what a little likelihood." at prologue.
    Now, I'm surprised and feeling happy that this post helped you!
    And I want to say the biggest congratulations for you and your boyfriend!! XD

    If you are still in Japan, I think that "J : Modern-kan KEIKO" is worth the visit for you.
    This shop has a staff who can speak English and some gorgeous kimono that are good for wedding.
    And "B : WAKON" has retro kimono for wedding too.

    Moreover, if you have chance, I recommend to visit "Kashi-isho Shobun-ichi (貸衣装処分市)".
    It means "Disposal sale of costumes for rent".
    You can get a dress or kimono that was used to wedding at reasonable price.
    This sale is held at department stores sometimes.
    Recent schedule is Apr/21-27, Hankyu Hyakkaten of Kawanishi (Kawanishi-Noseguchi ST of Hankyu Rwy).