Jul 28, 2009

[DIY] Kimono Rack Hanger (Iko).

Now, I'm building kimono website.
And I'm taking some photos of kimono for this site.
At that time, I'm using the "Kimono hanger" to hang kimono.

My kimono hanger is a folding hanger made from plastic.
It's very reasonable and convenient.
But I think it's not so photogenic...

I think "Iko" is more cool!!

Iko is a Japanese traditional rack for hanging kimono.
There are folding type and single-panel type.
It's made from wood or bamboo,
often lacquered and decorated gorgeously,
and is very antique like and old-fashioned.

But usually Iko is sooooo expensive!
Folding type will cost at least $140,
and single-panel type will cost at least $300.
If you buy the gold-lacquered high-class Iko,
it might be $1000 or more...!!

Therefore, I want to make it myself!

From now on, I'll go into action for making Iko.
I'll search for reasonable wood or bamboo or some substitute material first.
And I have to examine of structure of Iko!

► KIDORAKU Japan.com - DIY : Iko (Kimono Rack Hanger)

Jul 21, 2009

The Biginning!

Hello all!

I'm oden.

I'm a Japanese girl / woman who fell in love with Kimono.

(I think I am a "girl".)

When I was a high school student, I had a dream to wear Kimono as a daily cloth.

And I started to wear Kimono as a townwear earnestly in autumn 2007.

Now, I'm creating the website about Kimono with my friends.

With the website, I'd like to assist in your wearing Kimono in your own countries.

And in this blog, I will write small topics about Kimono.

Both of website and blog have just started.

I don't know where it goes.

I'd like to enjoy them together.

When I was a junior high school student and high school student, I couldn't keep up in English class at all.

I was always getting a tooooooooo bad score.

Yes, I know my English is terrible.

English is the one of the weak point of Japanese people, and my English is still poorer.

Writing the blog in English is very hard to me.

But I will do my best with a dictionary and translation website.

Please feel free to send comment.

I'm waiting for your impressions, opinions, requests and pointing out the mistakes in my English!