Jan 31, 2010

My Kimono Coordination (Jan/2010).

New Year is the best chance to wear kimono!

And, my outfits are following.

Jan 29, 2010

Google KIMONO Map Test.

Hi all!
I'm a little busy now and I couldn't write new post for a long time.
It will be continued for a little more, sorry.

But I'll write about "Kitsuke Kyoshitsu" and my outfits of January.
Maybe, in the next week.

I'd like to hear someone's impression.
Could you see this Google Map?

Kimono Shops in Japan

It's a map of kimono shops in Japan.
We're planning to map used (antique / recycle) kimono shops, department stores that has kimono department, and good usual kimono shops, as many as possible.

How about it? Does it work well?
Did you understand how to use it?

Is this map working well?
Yes, it's easy to use.
No, my computer became slow.
No, rule of pins is hard to grasp.
No, it need some comment for each shop.
No, better to update the website than make it.
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Jan 11, 2010

There is KIMONO on the Google Japan Home!

Because today is the day of "Seijin-shiki (coming-of-age celebration)"!

Japanese people attend Seijin-shiki after they became 20 years old.
Most of girls wear Furisode for this day. :)

Google Japan

Jan 1, 2010


Tiger Kagamimochi. :)

I wish you happiness throughout the new year!

Omisoka and Shogatsu (How Japanese Greet the New Year, 2/2).

It's continued from Omisoka and Shogatsu (How Japanese Greet the New Year, 1/2).

At new year, Japanese lion dance called "Shishi-mai" is held in many places.
There is a tradition that children who have their head bitten by Shishi will be happy.
(Photo : "Shishi-gashira (lion's head)" that is a mask for "Shishi-mai". by (c)Tomo.Yun)
(Video : "Shishi-mai".)