Jan 11, 2010

There is KIMONO on the Google Japan Home!

Because today is the day of "Seijin-shiki (coming-of-age celebration)"!

Japanese people attend Seijin-shiki after they became 20 years old.
Most of girls wear Furisode for this day. :)

Google Japan


  1. Exciting! Last year, I became friends with one of exchange students from Japan. She turned 20, but was missing her Seijin-shiki, so I dressed her up in my furisode so she can have her own 'coming of age ceremony' in US :) :) :)

  2. Lyuba-chan, Wow!
    It's so exciting & strange that foreign woman help Japanese girl put on kimono though kimono is Japanese culture!
    She surely was surprised and felt happy by putting on Furisode with your hand.
    I think it was great memorial Seijin-shiki. :) :)