Jan 31, 2010

My Kimono Coordination (Jan/2010).

New Year is the best chance to wear kimono!

And, my outfits are following.

New Year greeting to my grandparents.

Cherry-blossoms Tsukesage kimono + Gold obi + Black Haori.
Obi-age is pale green, and Obi-jime is dark pink.

Wearing Cherry-blossoms on Jan. is premature as season.
But, this kimono was given me by my grandmother.
So I wanted to wear it and greet her.

Hatsu-mode (The first visiting) to local shrine.

Wool Ensemble kimono + Red wool Hanhaba-obi + Black Haori.
Not wearing Juban, but wearing turtlenack sweater.
It's very warm and easy to daily work!

Second Hatsu-mode to Kasuga-Taisha shrine.
(It's not really Hatsu-mode...!)

Purple Komon kimono with Western flowers + Various color "Tachiwaki" obi + Black Haori.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is subdued pink.

New Year greeting to my friends.

Marble pattern Komon kimono + Black & gold Share-Fukuro-obi + Black Haori.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is green & dark yellow.

Coat & shawl

Left : Deep red velvet coat of Michiyuki style collar.
Center : Deep red velvet coat + Purple velvet shawl.
Right : Stripes of purple & white coat of Hechima style collar.

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  1. I love your coordination, and I'm especially in love with your marble kimono :) It is so modern :) :)

  2. I REALLY love the Jan 1 outfit! That kimono is beautiful!

  3. Your kitsuke is remarkable! I am in love with so many of your outfits. :) January 3 and 4 are my favourites! :)

  4. Lyuba-chan, Yes, this marble kimono is so modern and hard to coordinate!
    It was given me by an old woman and was sleeping in closet for more than a year, because I couldn't find good partner of this kimono.
    I'm satisfied with this coordination and your praising it. :)

  5. Jen, this clear pink kimono is not only beautiful, but also convenient! :)
    It's not as formal as Houmongi, and is not as casual as Komon.
    Moreover, material of this kimono is polyester though it seems silk, so it is easy to take care.
    It can be used in various situation!
    I'll wear it in spring again. :)

  6. shigatsuhana, Thanks! I learned Kitsuke by only books and internet. I have no teacher. My first Kitsuke was tooooo bad!
    I have put on kimono to me, my friends or my mannequin 100 times or more. The most important thing is experience!
    Practice, practice, practice, and you will become a master of Kitsuke! (^-^)b

    Jan/3 kimono was bought by my mother 30 years ago! It's my first Kimono. :)
    Jan/4 kimono is my favorite color purple. I wear it for special situations. I have worn it and gone to figure skating show last year!