Apr 7, 2010

My Kimono Coordination (Feb, Mar, Apr/2010).

I'm enjoying casual outfits as a reaction against neat coordinations of Jan..


Red & Black Asanoha Wool Kimono + Green Peony? Nagoya-obi.
Obi-age is pale yellow, Obi-jime is creamy white Sanbu-himo.
Yellow glitter Obi-dome is for accent.

Long Haori have pale red, pale green and white dots, and it's linked to kimono's red and obi's green.
Han-eri is Ichimatsu-moyou (Checkered pattern) of black & white.
Dark brown arm warmer is for cold wind blowing from armholes.
Coat is marbled purple.

Maybe is it a little loud? But I like it. :)


Green Asanoha Komon Kimono + Purple Nagoya-obi.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is dark pink.
Haori is subdued pink.


Greenish Gray Tsumugi Kimono + White Sioze Nagoya-obi.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is dark pink.
Long Haori is gray and almost same as kimono's color.

Usually, peacocks on kimono have strong motivation and are working hard.
Standing up straight or displaying its tail feather.
But peacocks on this obi lack the will to do it.
They are just standing with funny face without emotion.
I love these less emotional peacocks.

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Apr 5, 2010

Kimono Events / Fairs Guide. (Apr/2010)

I haven't guarantee that informations are completely correct.
And, often they close the events early at the last day.
When you visit there, please confirm it yourself.

cf.) Japanese Department store's map.(Eng./Chin./Korean)
cf.) Links of Japanese Department store's websites.
(Some of them are written in English and so on.)

This list might include small events or fairs
because I cannot confirm the scale of the event.
Basically, big city or famous department stores have big events,
and country side or local department stores have small events.

I know Hankyu Hyakkaten in Umeda, Hanshin Hyakkaten in Umeda,
Takashimaya in Namba & Kyoto are usually having big events.
I'm living around Osaka, and I don't know about another locality.

"Selling Costumes for Rent" is very interesting to see.
Special clothes for party, ceremony or stage are sold in so cheap price.
(I have seen a wedding dress of 2,000yen, and an Uchikake of 3,000yen.)

Apr 1, 2010

Spring Has Come With Cherry Blossom!

It's blooming on our website.:)

If I can have a bit of your time,
please click the "Spring Has Come!" image at top of this page!