Mar 2, 2010

Kimono events / fairs guide. (Mar/2010)

I haven't guarantee that informations are completely correct.
And, often they close the events early at the last day.
When you visit there, please confirm it yourself.

cf.) Japanese Department store's map.(Eng./Chin./Korean)
cf.) Links of Japanese Department store's websites.
(Some of them are written in English and so on.)

This list include very small events or fairs
because I cannot confirm the scale of the event.
Basically, big city or famous department stores have big events,
and country side or local department stores have small events.

Hankyu Hyakkaten in Umeda, Hanshin Hyakkaten in Umeda,
Takashimaya in Namba & Kyoto are often having big events.
I'm living around Osaka, and I don't know about another locality.