Apr 7, 2010

My Kimono Coordination (Feb, Mar, Apr/2010).

I'm enjoying casual outfits as a reaction against neat coordinations of Jan..


Red & Black Asanoha Wool Kimono + Green Peony? Nagoya-obi.
Obi-age is pale yellow, Obi-jime is creamy white Sanbu-himo.
Yellow glitter Obi-dome is for accent.

Long Haori have pale red, pale green and white dots, and it's linked to kimono's red and obi's green.
Han-eri is Ichimatsu-moyou (Checkered pattern) of black & white.
Dark brown arm warmer is for cold wind blowing from armholes.
Coat is marbled purple.

Maybe is it a little loud? But I like it. :)


Green Asanoha Komon Kimono + Purple Nagoya-obi.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is dark pink.
Haori is subdued pink.


Greenish Gray Tsumugi Kimono + White Sioze Nagoya-obi.
Obi-age is pale pink, and Obi-jime is dark pink.
Long Haori is gray and almost same as kimono's color.

Usually, peacocks on kimono have strong motivation and are working hard.
Standing up straight or displaying its tail feather.
But peacocks on this obi lack the will to do it.
They are just standing with funny face without emotion.
I love these less emotional peacocks.

► KIDORAKU Japan.com - Gallery : Coordinate


  1. Both asanoha ensembles are beautiful! It's a pity that we don't find such kimono very often on ebay :(
    I have just discovered your blog and so far I love it! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ume Bloom, thank you for your comment!
    Now I'm busy and my site is a little stopping.
    But I'll spend my free time for this blog and my site as far as I can. :)

    Did your "such kimono" mean casual kimono with simple design or geometric pattern?
    I thought almost all foreign people want to get beautiful formal kimono of silk.
    If some foreign people who enjoying wearing kimono want to wear wool kimono, maybe I'll try to list my wool kimono on eBay. XD