Dec 18, 2009

The Answer of Tenkaippin's TV commercial.

It's my memorandum & reply to comment at "KIMONO Movies at YouTube - TV commercial 4.". At the post, I wrote as follows.

Ramen noodle house, "Tenka-Ippin".
"Tenka-Ippin" means "unrivivaled".
It's a very famous & big chain restaurants of Ramen (Chinese noodle).

2009 Becky (TV star)

► Watch the TV commercial. (new window open.)

Houmomgi : small chrysanthemum & butterfly
Fukuro-Obi? : gold design on black, pine leaves & gingko leaves?

I guess she is wearing half of red Houmongi over black Houmongi.
All of small flowers on Han-eri, Obi-age and Obi-jime are purple.
Obi-dome and Kanzashi are red.
They're getting along well with each other.

We talked about Becky's kimono at the comments.
Is it one kimono that different in design on each side of itself?
Or, is one kimono on top of the other?

I captured the video at every 0.01 second.
The scene that she said is taking only 0.2 second!
And still I couldn't check the back of her kimono.

► Captured images. (new window open.)

I had thought of calling the company's head office and asking about her kimono. So, I make sure of everything that I'm interest in by nature.

Yes, it was a little crazy idea.
This commercial is not already broadcasted now. They are big chain company and may not have time to answer to my trifling question.

But! They contacted a staff of making this TV commercial via the advertising agency, and asked him/her about the day when the video had be taken!!

The answer is, Becky wore two kimono!
After wearing black kimono, she wore half of red kimono.

Though I didn't ask these questions, they also examined "how to settled another half of red kimono?" and "how to tied the obi?".
But both of these questions couldn't get answers because it was just improvised technique of a stylist.

However, I'm feeling quite refreshed with getting an answer!
She wear two kimono of black & red in this commercial video!
It's a clear answer!

I'm so thankful to their kindness.
Tenkaippin is very good company. :)
Though I have never eaten their ramen, I will visit their shop near future, hehe.


  1. I don't what this woman has, I think she has a special charisma, actually I've watch her in two movies and she performs perfect, by the way she's so beautiful.

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