Dec 28, 2009

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 05 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 3).

► Motomachi Shoten-gai (JP)

S : Antique Chateau
Main : Asian and Western antique.
Various Asian and Western antique things including kimono are jam-packed in this shop. You can get a great find. For example, a sectional shamisen is 15,000yen! Here is so fun!

Main : Bar.
A bar with theme of Gundam. There is on 2nd floor. Staffs say "Sieg Zeon!" instead of "Welcome!". There are more than 200 Gundam plastic models. Playing Gundam videos. Names of drinks and foods on the menu are related to Gundam.

DOLL : Sakaeya Ningyo zairyo-ten
Main : Materials of making Japanese dolls.
You can get a lot of materials and accessories for dolls. For example, cloth, paper, Sensu (fan), Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin), case and so on. Cloth or paper has fine patterns. Sensu or Kanzashi is small as 5-10cm. Of course they sell dolls too. Old ladies who run this shop are attractive!
► Sakaeya Ningyo zairyo-ten (JP)

T : Gofuku no sui, Akasakaya
Main : Brand-new custom-made kimono.
The day I visited there was a regular holiday of this shop. But I couldn't understand it and knocked at the door. Though it was a day off, an old man as an owner invited me, and we sat on chairs and talked for more than 30 minutes.

He taught me history of this shop and the kimono business world. It was very interesting.
I didn't know well about men's kimono and asked him how to choose men's kimono. It was a good lesson for me. After I got home, I rewrote a few pages of my site.
And, I talked about KIDORAKU Japan. He said "Your idea is very youthful and interesting. If you need my hand, I'll help you!". His head is not old!

It's small old shop, but I like this shop because of him.

U : Kyoya
Main : Brand-new kimono.
The day I visited there was a regular holiday of this shop.

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 01 (Sannomiya Center-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 02 (Sannomiya Center-gai 2).
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KOBE KIMONO STREET - 05 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 3).

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