Dec 29, 2009


That's all I want to talk about "KOBE KIMONO STREET".
I wish you visit there when you get a chance.

I too will visit there to shop at "O : Recycle-kimono SAKURA".
This shop has "A corner of all 390yen apiece", all of Kimono and Haori at this corner are 390yen.
I have bought a Haori with 195yen at half price sale!

I know more kimono shops in Kobe, or Osaka and Kyoto.
I'd like to write about these shops little by little at next year.

Moreover, now, we're making a map of antique kimono shops in Japan.
And possibly we'll have another blog about antique kimono shops and Kottouichi (antique market).
It's very tough work, only possibility.

Not only people who live in foreign countries, but also foreign people who live in or visit to Japan are coming to KIDORAKU Japan.
I'm glad to if I can help their meeting to kimono.

At Google Japan, I can find enormous informations about kimono those are written in Japanese.
But at Google in English, I cannot find so many kimono site without shop.
Though a few sites are well built, most sites are less information, are built for business, or include missunderstanding.
(Of course, I know some sites are wonderful!)

I hit upon.
"If there is no good site, then better I make it."

So, I started this site and blog.
I hope it will support your kimono-life!

The last update in 2009 of this blog will be "About Japanese New Year" that will be posted at 30th or 31th...maybe.
My last days of 2009 is passing with writing English.

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 01 (Sannomiya Center-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 02 (Sannomiya Center-gai 2).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 03 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 04 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 2).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 05 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 3).

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