Dec 25, 2009

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 02 (Sannomiya Center-gai 2).

► Sannomiya Center-gai (JP)

D : Hondaya
Main : Brand-new kimono.
Rich selection of footwears and hair ornaments. They plan to introduce kimono to foreign country with Kobe city. Friendly for foreign customers.

E : Tokyo Masuiwaya
Main : Brand-new kimono.
A chain shop that have a lot of chain shops mainly in department stores.
► Tokyo Masuiwaya (JP)

F : 2F no Kimono-ya
Main : Used kimono.
A sister shop of "A : 2F no Kimono-ya". There is on 1st basement.
I have forgotten to visit there!
► 2F no Kimono-ya (JP)

G : Ai Kimono-kan
Main : Used kimono.
Wide selection of items. Items in a set and footwears are reasonable. Staffs are vigorous ladies!
► Ai Kimono-kan (JP)

H : Kimono City
Main : Used & Brand-new kimono.
Quiet and subdued. There is on 2nd floor. Sometimes you can find a treasure.
► Kimono City (JP)

KOBE KIMONO STREET - 01 (Sannomiya Center-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 02 (Sannomiya Center-gai 2).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 03 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 1).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 04 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 2).
KOBE KIMONO STREET - 05 (Motomachi Shoten-gai 3).

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