Oct 14, 2009

Wagashi (Japanese Traditional Sweets) of Autumn.

Wagashi is the generic term of Japanese traditional sweets.
And Namagashi is a fresh & moist Wagashi that is often served with thick green tea at a tea ceremony.

At the last week, I had a guest and she brought assorted autumn Namagashi!
Now I'd like to show you 6 pieces of them.

At first, I'm sorry for the photos of a cross section don't look nice because I didn't cut them with knife!(>_<;

Kaki & Yuzu.

Right : Kaki (persimmon).
- Outside is Gyuhi (bar of boiled glutinous rice powder with sugar & millet-jelly).
- Inside is colored bean jam.

Left : Yuzu orange.
- Outside is boiled Domyouji-ko (glutinous rice powder).
- Inside is colored bean jam.

Kuri & Icho.

Left : Chestnut.
- Outside is colored bean jam.
- Inside is white bean jam & chestnut.

Right : Ginkgo's leaf.
- Outside is Gyuhi.
- Inside is white bean jam.

Iga-guri & Botan.

Left : Chestnut in its burr.
- Outside is colored bean jam.
- Inside is sweet boiled red beans & chestnut with rind.

Right : Tree peony.
- Outside is colored bean jam.
- Inside is bean jam.

All of them were very sweet, delicious and made me happy.
They are enemy of my loss in weight...!


  1. I am a big fan of wagashi. These are really beautiful. They look tasty too. I would love to learn how to make it some day, but I think it is very time consuming.

  2. I would like to try wagashi one day! :)

  3. shigatsuhana, Sometimes I can see how to make such Wagashi on TV. It's a wonderful technique and the mind of hospitality!
    I was amazed to know almost all of them are made from only sugar, starch syrup, rice, wheat and azuki beans...!
    I think I cannot do it enough but I'd like to try to make it someday because of your comment. :)

  4. Lyuba-chan, Most of Namagashi's box say "Please eat us within today".
    So, Namagashi can't keep for a long time.
    Otherwise, I can send you them! hehe :)

  5. We have Minamoto Kitchoan in London so we can taste delicious wagashi. :D

  6. shigatsuhana, Wow...!
    Maybe London is better than my country town to get Wagashi! :-o

  7. Oden, thank you :) Maybe one day I'll visit Japan and try wagashi there! :) Meanwhile I'll go to Minamoto Kitchoan in London, but I only been once with Shigatsuhana so I need to remember how to get there first :) haha