Oct 25, 2009

KIMONO Movies at YouTube - TV commercial 2.

At first, I uploaded "How to Wear Kimono" a short time ago.
But I think it's not perfect...can you understand what I want to say with this page?
If you have some advice, please let me know!

>> How to Wear Kimono (KIDORAKUJapan.com)

I go on to the main subject.
Now my energy is not enough because I have a lot of things I have to do, and I can't write long story for this blog!
So, I guess I'll show you a lot of YouTube movies after this. :)

Today, I show you TV commercials of a Japanese tea.

This Japanese tea named "Iyemon" is produced by Fukujuen.
Fukujuen is an old company run by same family from 1790.
I like "Iyemon", it have good aroma and is a little sweet.

This woman is Rie MIYAZAWA, a famous actress.
And this man is Masahiro MOTOKI, an actor.
He is the leading actor of "Departures" that was awarded an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

He is a Japanese tea workman, she is his wife.
He is always deep in his job.
She is understanding him and considerate of him.

The music was composed by Joe HISAISHI.
He is the composer of music in animation films by Hayao MIYAZAKI.

2009 Autumn

(With English subtitles)

2009 Summer

All seasons

Iyemon's TV commercials are broadcasting from 2004.
If you want to watch more...IYEMON PLAY LIST.


  1. Yaaaa~! I love these! They're so cute!
    I love men in kimono~ <3

  2. Jen, Ohhhh! You like it? Me too!!
    OK, I'll find men in kimono more. :)

    She is always thinking about him.
    He is bungler but sometimes his love appear in his action.
    These TV commercials are like a short film.

  3. Oden, yes men in kimono look very good!