Oct 17, 2009

Today, My PC Have Revived!

At Sep, a liquid crystal display of my laptop had broken.
I bought this, and it came to my place today (yesterday).

Open! What is this?

It's a monitor of desktop.
It's secondhand and mere 3,150 yen (=about USD 27)!

It costs at least 40,000 yen if it's repaired by maker.
Even if I order it to inexpensive dealer, it costs at least 20,000 yen.
And I have no technique to repair it myself.

I bought this laptop in 2002 and it have only 256MB as its RAM.
So I may have to get a new one within 1-2 years.
I cannot spend such a lot of money to repair this old PC.

I thought...
The monitor had died, but other parts of this PC are still alive.
Now, what I have to do is only getting a new monitor!

It requires twice space...
But I was right in my judgement!
My PC have revived!! :)

Now I can restart updating of KIDORAKUJapan.com!

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