Oct 5, 2009

My Kimono Coordination (Oct/2009).

How do you say "matching clothes up" in English?

"Coordination"? "Combination"? "Ensemble"?

In Japanese, the word of "Coordinate (kodineto)" is used as a verb and a noun.

"Coordinate" skirt and shirt.
Your "Coordinate" is nice!

So, Japanese language have "Coordinate" as a loanword.
And I cannot find true expression of English.
My brain is according to preconceived idea of "Coordinate".

Now, I show you the kimono I wore few days ago and last month.
Because I'm always taking photos after I got home, my kimono is maybe coming loose.
Please overlook it! (>_<


Purple polyester "Yagasuri" kimono + Unbleached obi with autumn leaves.
Obi-jime's color looks like kimono and a little reddish.
I think deep color obi-jime make more vividly pale color obi.
And I decorated obi with ornament of acorn motif.


Purple "Tachiwaki" omeshi kimono + Various color "Tachiwaki" obi.
Han-eri and Obi-age are pale pink, and Obi-jime is subdued pink.
At this day, I went to museum to enjoy special exhibition of the Louvre.
This obi have gold and make a little formally this casual kimono.


Black wool kimono with yellow dots + Yellow obi.
Han-eri is checkered pattern of black & white.
Obi-jime is meshwork of white & blue.
Obi-dome is a butterfly pendant.

► KIDORAKU Japan.com - Gallery : Coordinate


  1. We usually say 'coordinate' when referring to kimono.

  2. Lyuba-chan, Thanks a lot!
    I can use "ccordinate" with the confidence!

  3. We can also use the words "outfit" and "set" to refer to matching clothing. So I would say I like your outfit! And I do! I quite like the yabane kimono and that obi together. :)

  4. Lovely, outfits I really love how you use bold colors!

  5. shigatsuhana, Thank you!
    "outfit" and "set"...I had not these idea! I'll use them too!

    At first, I was thinking I have no kimono that go well with this obi.
    Because I thought it'll go well with pale green kimono.
    But this yabane kimono was looking good with this obi, it was my surprise!
    I can never know until I try it...!

  6. I often have to try different obi's with kimono to see what will go. Glad to see that it paid off to be dareing.

  7. Aki_fox, Thank you for your comment!

    I like clear and vivid color, and I think such colors match well with me.
    So I love old used kimono! The kimono in today is too quiet to me. :-P

  8. Aki_fox,

    I can understand well what you mean!
    When I hesitate a lot, wear them, and feel cute the kimono in the mirror, I feel "I won!".

  9. I on the other hand prefer modern kimono because a lot of them have geometric designs which I like a lot! And the old vintage kimono are to small for me :( So I avoid buying them, because I wouldn't be able to wear them anyways. Modern kimono feet me better.

  10. Lyuba-chan,

    Yes, modern kimono is just for modern people like you & me! :)
    It's very good for modern people who are high and want not to worry with season of kimono.

    My height is 157cm, and I can wear vintage kimono that was worn by big women in old time.
    We (Japanese people in today) are smaller than Westerners, and old Japanese are more small than us.
    So, I can understand how much difficult you wear vintage kimono!

  11. I'm 165cm, so almost all vintage kimono will not fit me :(

    I hope to see more of your vintage kimono coordination soon! :)

  12. Your blog is very interesting. There is so much involved with wearing a kimono that I didn't know.

  13. Thea, Thank you for you comment!

    I wish you'll meet with a lot of new knowledge about kimono on my blog. :)

    In this spring, I'd like to have tried to screen-printing, but I didn't.
    However, after I found your blog, I'm thinking about it again.
    I may try it! And I'm looking forward to new post of your blog! (^o^)/
    (Maybe I have to say it on your blog...?)

  14. Are you living in Japan now? I'm in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki. I'm a regular kimono wearer myself. I think you have a beautiful taste in kimono. I like modern kimono myself though I'm more inclined for the Tsumugi and retro komon.

  15. Hakubaikyo, Yes, I'm living in Hyogo. :)
    I think Tsukuba is the most futuristic city of Japan! Maybe, are you an international student?

    Oh, I'm glad of your praise! I also like Tsumugi or Komon, antique kimono always make me happy. :)
    But you look so nice in your hakama too! Did you wear it yourself? You are a great Kitsuke master...!