Oct 21, 2009

KIMONO Movies at YouTube - TV commercial 1.

In Japan, we can see a lot of beautiful kimono that are worn by TV star like an actress or a model.

Today, also as my memo, I'd like to show you TV commercials of a kimono company.
These commercials are saying
"Buy Furisode for your coming-of-age ceremony!"

2009 (Kii KITANO / actress)

2007-2009 (Erika TODA / actress)

I love the yellow Furisode on 2nd movie!
It's colorful & looks gold.
This black obi is a better half of this gold Furisode!

Which kimono do you like?


  1. I like the red furisode from ther 4th movie the most, because red is my favorite color and I always dreamed of wearing red furisode :)

  2. I like the yellow one very much but also like the white with purple one. I like the advert for the red one where the design just falls on the kimono. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lyuba-chan, I think red Furisode is a symbol of youthful.
    When I was high school student, I have worn red Furisode at my cousin's wedding once.
    It's my great memory!

    But today, I wear purple Houmongi for attending wedding.
    My mind say "red Furisode is for young!" and stop my wearing red Furisode...X(
    Someday, I want to wear it again. :)

  4. shigatsuhana, I think black did good job in white and purple Furisode.
    It's tightening its design.

    Yes, it's very beautiful effect that design flutters down to Furisode! I agree it!

  5. I love the first one a lot! I don't really own a furisode, though. I have all Komon, and fancy houmongi for special occasions.

  6. Jen, Thank you for your comment!

    The first one is so cute & girlish!
    I think combination of white, pink and red is for princess! XD

    Furisode is very beautiful & gorgeous, but it can be used in only a few occasion.
    My two Furisode are sleeping in my closet.
    Compared with Furisode, Komon & Houmongi are useful!
    Most of my kimono are Komon, too. :)

  7. I love the white, purple & black furisode! I love my red furisode! I think red is so bold & daring just right for youth. I think that you are still young! Wear your furisode if it makes you happy!

  8. Aki_fox, Oh...am I still young? (0_0)
    Did you excuse me about my wearing Furisode?

    Wow! I have to lose my weight to wear my purple Furisode...!! hehe.

  9. I say anywhere in your 20's is young to me. And You can always be young in heart! I wouldn't look at you odd either if you wore furisode so a little of both. Sorry, if I shocked you but I really think if you love something why let some one tell you no?

  10. Aki_fox, Sorry, if I confused you!
    I felt happy you said I can wear Furisode, of course! :)

    In Japan, most chance to wear Furisode is a formal situation in the presence of people. So when we wear Furisode, we always think about "How do I look?" in spite of ourselves.

    And a lot of people are thinking Furisode is for young & unmarried around 18-25 years old women. 25-30 years old is delicate, gray area. Over 30 years old barely can't. I'm 26 years old and am at a loss whether to wear or not in formal occasion.

    Now, there are a lot of discussions about "What women can wear Furisode?". It's a long story of Japanese custom's trouble, and I can't explain enough in this comment.

    But I think if it's in casual situation, everybody can wear Furisode! And I'm young in my age & heart!
    So, I'd like to wear Furisode for some casual party with my friends or in my room. Or, maybe at my best-friend's wedding...oh, all of my great friends have no signs of marriage, haha.