Nov 26, 2009

KIMONO Movies at YouTube - TV commercial 4.

Yesterday, I saw the movie "Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT".
I can say nothing but it was marvelous.

I actually have a lot of impression about it.
But my poor English cannot express my thought enough.
So, I still cost effort and time to write English. X(

When I was a junior high school student, my score of English class was always around 20-30. I hated English the worst.
Now I interest in English and am learning little by little.
Even if it's not praised, I think my English ability is getting progression. ;)

Let's go on the YouTube.
Today's theme is "Red Kimono".
Kimono in commercials are coordinated by professional.
They're good text books for me!

Beer, "OFF no Zeitaku (Luxury of OFF)".
The brand name means both of "a day OFF" & "taking 70% OFF from the usual amount of glucide.".

A man find an unfamiliar restaurant.
There is a piece of paper on the door, and it say "Today is a day off.".
He think the restaurant is closing, but a woman invite him.
He ask her "Is today not a day off?".
She answer "No, it's your day off." and serve a beer.

2009 Nao OOMORI (actor) & Kumiko ASO (actoress)

Komon : trees & houses
Nagoya-Obi : braided cords (Otaiko-musubi)

Boldly Kimono & simple Obi.
Obi-dome is very nice accent.

Instant Udon noodle, "Akai Kitsune (Red Fox)".
There is a tradition that Kitsune (fox) loves Abura-age (deep-fried thin Tofu).
So, Udon noodles with Abura-age is called "Kitsune Udon" in Japan

2009 Tetsuya TAKEDA (actor) & Nana EIKURA (actoress, model)

Houmongi : autumn field?
Fukuro-obi? : flower motifs

Green Obi-age is good.
Mmm...But I feel her Houmongi is too formal than his kimono.
Matching up formality with her partner is important.

Digital camera, "Lumix".
This Maiko is a kind of Cosplay, very different from real Maiko.

2005 Ayumi HAMASAKI (musician)

Furisode : flowers & Tsuzumi (Japanese hand drum)?
Darari-Obi : gold

All of Obi-age, Obi-jime and Han-eri are red, but Han-eri & Obi-jime have more white than kimono & Obi-age. And this Furisode's design doesn't lie down all over that, it's just simple.
It's so good balance.

Ramen noodle house, "Tenka-Ippin".
"Tenka-Ippin" means "unrivivaled".
It's a very famous & big chain restaurants of Ramen (Chinese noodle).

2009 Becky (TV star)

Houmomgi : small chrysanthemum & butterfly
Fukuro-Obi? : gold design on black, pine leaves & gingko leaves?

I guess she is wearing half of red Houmongi over black Houmongi.
All of small flowers on Han-eri, Obi-age and Obi-jime are purple.
Obi-dome and Kanzashi are red.
They're getting along well with each other.

Ice cream, "Wagokoro".
"Wagokoro" means "Japanese mind".
It's the ice cream that is adopting Japanese traditional foods.

2007 Chiaki KURIYAMA (actoress, model)

Furisode : flowers on tree & butterfly
Fukuro-Obi : gold

Black & red & gold are close friends.
Twisting black & red Obi-age is interesting.
And she is cute! :)



  1. I like the last commercial the most, just because it is about ice-cream :) :) :)Haha ;P

    But in the 2009 Becky (TV star, could it be a design of the kimono that makes it look like 2 different kimono?

  2. Lyuba-chan, At first, I guessed it is different in design on each side of itself, too.
    (Such design is called "Katami-gawari".)

    But I saw two images that I added to this post, and changed my thought.
    On the left image, there is a line on neckband of red kimono, and the line seems it doesn't reach to black kimono.
    On the right image, black & red neckbands on her right shoulder seems uneven.

    However, this kimono could be designed like a kimono is on top of the other.
    I can't see back of her kimono, and know correct answer, haha.
    how do you see? :)

  3. Oden, I see what you mean now. I wish there would have been an image of the back of the kimono! I tried to pause the commercial every second, and if you pause it on 5sec mark, you can see that the black at the bottom is continuation of the red design. It doesn't seem like there is different kimono on top.

    But at the same time, the picture is so small that I could be wrong. Also, on 6sec, the image is black and white - so could the creators do that on purpose? It's hard to tell in black and white where one kimono begins and another ends.

  4. I just love that folk! Traditionally, unmarried women wore a style of kimono called furisode, with almost floor-length sleeves, on special occasions