Nov 7, 2009

KIMONO Movies at YouTube - TV commercial 3.

I'm writing about "Shichi-go-san".
But it cost a little time & will be posted in next week.
For now, please enjoy Japanese famous people in kimono!

Today's theme is "Men in Kimono".
Finding men in kimono is more difficult than finding women in kimono.
It's whether on a street or on TV.

Commercial of Sake "Ozeki".
(Ozeki means a sumo wrestler of the second-highest rank.)
It's a remake of same commercial by famous star Jiro TAMIYA that was broadcasted 38 years ago.
It's saying "When it comes to Sake, Ozeki is supreme. It's spirit.".

Goro INAGAKI is a member of the popular pop group SMAP.
Jiro TAMIYA is a legendary actor who is well-known for his shocking suicide.

2009 Goro INAGAKI & Yuka KONO

1971 Jiro TAMIYA & Yoko ISONO

Commercial of car "Teana".
These movies are saying "This car has hospitality." and are expressing hospitality.

2008 Etsushi TOYOKAWA (actor)

2008 Rei DAN (actoress)

Commercial of cleanser "Power of Bubbles".
These movies are saying "Bubbles removes dirt.".
He is a musician, and is a grandson of an ex-premier too.

2009 DAIGO (musician)

Last one,
Commercial of Shochu(Japanese clear distilled liquor) "Iichiko".
It's a little hard to find men in kimono, but I love this movie.
Good song, good voice, and good angle.

This company had never appointed TV star to Iichiko's commercial.
But he really love Iichiko, and was always saying,
"I really want to be a cast of Iichiko's commercial! Even if it's gratis work, still I want to do!".

His dream has come true. :)

2008 Koji MATOBA (actor)


  1. Aaa!! I love the first one the most!! It's so cute!
    Oh, but I like them all. The bubbles one is fun!

  2. Jen, You favor them worth searching for!
    Goro (man in the first one) love wine, and always worry about his hairstyle.
    His hairstyle almost has not changed for more than 15 years. haha.

  3. I like him! He's very handsome! :) haha