Sep 15, 2009

My Little Photo Studio Opend & Closed.

Today, my friend Oichi & Oshu came to my house and we took a lot of pictures about "How to Wear KIMONO".

When I took pictures about the ways to wear underwears of kimono, I could do it with TORCO (=my mannequin). But, wearing kimono and taking the pictures need a lot of hands.

So I called them and said "I'm sure you'll lend a hand (^-^)" with smiling.

First, we set Oshu's hairstyle.

With two flowers and a Kanzashi (Japanese traditional ornamental hairpin).

Model : oshu.
Stylist : oden.

Photographer : oichi.

"How to Wear KIMONO" will be uploaded on end of September.
Oh, but I have lots of another things I have to do...sigh....

► KIDORAKU - Wear KIMONO : Kimono / Nagagi

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