Sep 27, 2009

Wearing Kimono & Attending Friend's Wedding.

Few days ago, I went to my friend's wedding.

I attended the ceremony at a chapel, the wedding reception at a banquet hall, and the after-wedding party at the same hall.

It was so gorgeous and bride was wonderfully beautiful with happiness and technique of professional.

Now, in Japan, almost all young women wear knee high dress to attend wedding.
Only relatives of brides and grooms sometimes wear kimono (Furisode or Houmongi).

Senior women especially relatives wear kimono (Tomesode or Houmongi) more often than young women.
But a lot of senior women who is not relatives of bride and groom wear formal dressy suit.

By the way, almost all men wear a suit and students often wear an uniform of their school.

At my friend's wedding, 3 or 4 senior women were wearing Tomesode, a senior woman was wearing Iro-muji, a young woman was wearing Houmongi, and 4 young women were wearing Furisode.
Houmongi was me(oden), one of Furisode was bride's friend, and the rest were relatives of bride and groom.
And no men were wearing kimono.

The total number of attendance was nearly a hundred.
However, wearing kimono was only about 10 people, and all of them were women.

I think this number is general in recent Japan.
Even at wedding, only about 10% of people wear kimono.
About men, 1-2% of people wear kimono for wedding, I guess.

I can understand the reason.
Suit or dress are easy and reasonable.
All people can put suit or dress on by themselves.

If they can't put kimono on by themselves, they have to pay 5000-10000yen (USD50-100 approx.) to beauticians.
(Generally, Japanese beauticians study how to put on kimono at their school.)
When beauticians put kimono on them, they have to wear a lot of foundations.
Moreover, beauticians tie koshi-himo and obi very very strongly to avoid coming loose.
It's too heavy to eat luxurious wedding dishes with the kimono.

I can put on kimono by myself.
And I can tie koshi-himo and obi loosely because when it become loose I can fix it myself.
I can eat a lot, and can run to bride and groom's place for congratulations.

If more number of Japanese women can put on kimono by themselves, Japanese wedding will be more gorgeous.
I hope so.

[[Point of Today's coordinate]]

Purple Houmongi + Gold Fukuro-Obi.
I think purple go well with gold.
Bag and Zori (shoes) are gold too.

All of Obi-age, Obi-jime and Date-eri are like yellow.
The color busy is cause of spoiling the harmony.
I always use only 2 or 3 colors.

► KIDORAKU - Knowledge : Kaku (formality)
(Occasions for Kimono)


  1. I think more kimono in Japan, and all over the world, would be a beautiful thing. :)

  2. Jen, I really agree it!
    Formal kimono is a kind of picture, and it'll decorate their departure with its beauty.
    If a lot of people wear kimono for their special day, I feel happiness & satisfaction as a Japanese!

  3. This is perfect because my mother wants a dress like those because she likes the Japan style I think I'm gonna create a dress for her in order she being so happy.