May 28, 2010

What Will Happen After April Fool?

Maybe, no, absolutely it's too late to say...

Thanks all four people who trusted me and tried April Fool mini-game!
You are my favorite lovable "fool" people!!
I love you, Kitty, Meg, Amelie, and Tia!a

Kitty, Meg, and Amelie arrived at correct answer!
Now you get a chance to get small small gift from KIDORAKU Japan. :)
(If you can trust me and let me know your address...!)

I'm sorry Tia, your answer was wrong...X(
Please wait for next chance!

By the way, the correct answer was "HANAMIDANGO"!
It means rice dumplings that is eaten with seeing cherry blossoms.

"Hana yori Dango" is a Japanese proverb and it means "Dumplings rather than flowers". Eating HANAMI-DANGO makes us more happy than only seeing cherry blossoms.
The original title of famous Manga "Boys Over Flowers" is "Hana yori Dango" and it's a parody of this proverb. :)

Now, I'll write your name on a piece of paper and put it into a box.
A person who is chosen by lot can choose a gift from 6 choices.

I made 12 cranes! 4 for Kitty, 4 for Meg, and 4 for Amelie.
OK, before the lottery... which do you want if you win? :

● An Obiage
Pink, a woven pattern is Asanoha + Chrysanthemun. Very girlish color, so cute! It's guessed it is brand-new.

● An Obijime
Golden yellow, round and thick. I bought it at a department-store, but didn't use :)

● A Tabi socks
It's not Tabi, but socks! For 22-24cm feet. Based color is black. Having Okame (flat-faced woman) and Hyottoko (clownish man) pattern.

● A Haori-himo & An Eri-shin
Haori-himo is light pink, Eri-shin is mesh type. If you have some Haori without Haori-himo, it's a chance!

● Bath powders
Sorry, no picture. A few small package of bath powder.
You can feel Japanese hot spring in your bathroom!

● A picture painted in Japanese style
Yoichi is a Japanese-style painter in the making. If you tell her your favorite thing or theme, she'll draw a picture about that.
I don't know what kind of picture will appear.
I don't know how much time she takes.
I don't know you will be pleased or not.
It's a bet!

● Nothing
If you don't like all of 6 gifts, you can carry over this luck to next chance.
At a next lottery, you can put twice as many crane as other people into the box. Next chance will come in autumn or next April.

Did you decide? Let's do lottery!


Which gift do you want?
Please leave your comment or send e-mail me!

As a consolation prize, I give one more crane to other two girls.
When you try to next lottery, one more crane with your name will be put into the box!

Again, thank you very much for your participation!


  1. Yay ^_^ thank you for the gift!

  2. Amélie, I send you the gift last Monday.
    I hope you enjoy it (^o^)b

  3. I got it last week! Thank you again ^_^

  4. awweeee too bad, I wanted it too, it's already 2011 though... >.<

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