Aug 8, 2009

Kimono events / fairs guide. (Aug/2009)

Basically, Japanese department stores have a kimono department.
And often they are holding brand-new or used kimono events too.
I'd like to show you the schedule of events in major department stores.

I haven't guarantee that informations are completely correct.
When you visit there, please confirm it yourself.

cf.) Japanese Department store's map.(Eng./Chin./Korean)
cf.) Links of Japanese Department store's websites.
(Some of them are written in English and so on.)

● Jun/13(Sat) - Aug/25(Tue)
Isetan @ Shinjuku, Tokyo
Main : Selling Yukata

● Aug/06(Thu) - Aug/09(Sun)
Tokyu Hyakkaten @ Shibuya St. Toyoko, Tokyo
Main : Selling Summer Kimono, Used Kimono

● Jul/29(Wed) - Aug/10(Mon)
Hankyu Hyakkaten @ Umeda, Osaka
Main : Selling Yukata

● Aug/05(Wed) - Aug/11(Tue)
Daimaru @ Tokyo
Main : Exhibiting pictures of Yumeji Takehisa(*1)

● May/14(Thu) - Aug/16(Sun)
Sakurano Hyakkaten @ Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture
Main : Selling Yukata

● May/26(Tue) - Aug/16(Sun)
Mitsukoshi @ Ginza, Tokyo
Main : Selling Yukata

● Aug/13(Thu) - Aug/18(Tue)
Sasebo Tamaya @ Nagasaki Prefecture
Main : Selling Furisode

● Aug/19(Wed) - Aug/24(Tue)
Hanshin Hyakkaten @ Umeda, Osaka
Main : Selling Brand-new Kimono, Used Kimono

● Jun/03(Wed) - Aug/25(Tue)
Daimaru @ Tokyo
Main : Selling Yukata

● Aug/03(Wed) - Aug/25(Tue)
Takashimaya @ Nagoya St. Aichi Prefecture
Main : Selling Yukata

● Aug/25(Tue) - Aug/30(Sun)
Sakurano Hyakkaten @ Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture
Main : Selling High-class kimono

● Aug/27(Thu) - Sep/01(Tue)
Tenmaya @ Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture
Main : Selling Used Kimono

(*1:a Japanese famous artist, he was drawing girls in kimono).

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