Feb 15, 2010

My Favorite Ladies in KIMONO (over 60).

I like to watch elderly actresses in kimono.
They have worn kimono for a long time, and their kimono is always elegant.
Beautiful orthodox coordination, skillful mature Kitsuke and moderate fun.
Though possibly it is their fashion coordinator's work, their kimono are always fitting their body well.

I'd like to show some of them with a picture of their young days in order of age.

Sayuri YOSHINAGA (65)

Pretty & elegant.
I can't believe she is old enough to receive a pension.
She is very popular and her fan is called "Sayurist".

I like the 2nd outfit that is stlipe of purple.
The kimono is vivid design like young girl can wear it.
But it's not garish because all of obi, obijime, obiage, han-eri and zori are white.

Shima IWASHITA (69)

Cool & handsome.
She has almost no wrinkle, it's amazing.
She is famous as the heroine of Yakuza (Japanese gangster) movie.

I like the 3rd outfit that is a little dark blue.
Subdued pink obijime is setting off the simple coordination of blue, white and gold.

Tamao NAKAMURA (71)

Cheerful & funny.
She is a daughter of Kabuki actor and is wife of famous actor Shintaro KATSU (the leading actor of old movie "Zatoichi").
I can watch her not only at drama but also on comedy show or talk show.

I like the 1st outfit that is light purple.
It's simple and casual, but is very refined.

Tetsuko KUROYANAGI (77)

Clear-cut personality & vigorous.
She has strange hairstyle named "Onion head", is enjoying original fashion, and is living at her own pace.
Her own talk show "Tetsuko no Heya (Tetsuko's Room)" has continued for 35 years and is Japanese first talk show on TV.
She is an UNICEF Goodwill ambassadors and very eager in contribute to welfare work and charities.
And she is a big fan of Will Smith.

Mmm...choosing the best one is hard to me because her kimono is always lovely.
But I like the 3rd outfit that is green Furisode.
Lining, obijime and obiage's red did great work.
It's also good that there is same color of date-eri in obi.
I think if date-eri is red, this coordination will be too showy.
And because I like Will Smith too, hehe.

Kaoru YACHIGUSA (79)

Cute & lovely.
She is an ex-member of famous all-female musical theater troupe "Takarazuka Revue".
She appear on old movies "Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto", "Madama Butterfly" and so on.

I like the 2nd outfit from the end that is gradations of green and blue.
Flowers on obi is good accents of this simple coordination.

Mitsuko MORI (90)

Just amazing.
She is standing up straight, and is still on stage.
She has vitiligo vulgaris, is doing 150 times bending and stretching exercises everyday, and some people call her "Monster".

I like the last outfit that is pale purplish blue.
Beautiful bamboo grasses are embroidered with gold and silver.
Glossy white obi is making this gorgeous kimono moderate.

I think I need a history to become a good friend of kimono like this ladies.
I'd like to wear kimono still more times. :)


  1. Wow seeing all the ladies in kimono is a lot of fun! I like a lot of kimono in the pictures, but my tastes run more towards dark and black kimono haha :) :) :)

  2. This is how my chado sensei dresses. So lovely. :)

  3. These are fantastic photos. I really enjoyed the first actress Sayuri's selection of purple kimono. She must be fond of the colour like I am.
    And also to see Totto-chan! I'm so glad she's still around and also wearing kimono! I enjoyed reading that book many years ago. :)
    I have much inspiration from looking at these photos. Thank you for showing us.

  4. Lyuba-chan, I really understand.
    My eyes always go on pueple kimono naturely, and my kimono closet is full of pueple kimono. :)

    Tsukimi Warwillow, You have good sensei not only for chado but also kimono!
    I really respect how to put on kimono of women who wear kimono for a long time.
    I often ask old ladies working at kimono shops about her way of wearing kimono.
    I think it's the best textbook. XD

  5. shigatsuhana, I love purple too! Did you know purple was the most noble color in ancient Japan? :)
    Oh, I didn't know Totto-chan's book was translated into a lot of language till seeing your comment though it's my mother's favorite book!
    She is very energetic, funny and popular among not only old people but also young people.
    We can still watch her on TV almost everyday.;)

  6. It is interesting that in both Japan and in Western culture, purple is the colour of royalty.

    I read Totto-chan when I was 14 in 1983. I was an exchange student to Japan. I stayed in Zushi-shi, Kanagawa-ken. My host family bought the book for me in English. I was thrilled to read the story. Yes, I knew that Tetsuko-san has her daily TV talk show. I think she was the first in Japan to do it? I have never seen it, but would like to.

  7. Oden, my kimono closet is full of different color kimono, but I think my favorite is red. I have red kimono and obi and accessories.

    It is very nice that you can ask advice from ladies from kimono shops :) I would do it too, but there are no kimono shops in England. Or when I lived in Florida :(

  8. shigatsuhana, Yes, her TV talk show is oldest and has the longest history in Japan.
    It's broadcasted every weekday, I hope you come to Japan and enjoy it!

    Lyuba-chan, I think red will match well your new hair style & color! :)

  9. hmmmm.. I think I just turned "sayurist" :)

  10. Ume Bloom, Oh, welcome to the sayurist world, haha.
    I'm not a big fan of her, but I always feast my eyes on her when I see her on TV.
    She is not only beautiful, but also modestly considerate in spite of her long career.
    I like her. :)

  11. Thank you for posting the photos. The women are an inspiration and so elegant. Thank you again.

  12. such beautiful ladies!! and what a rage of kimonos ....loved them all!